Ironworkers Local 9 History

Niagara Falls Local 9 was established on March 18, 1902 Notwithstanding the fact that our Niagara region was mostly known for its spectacular natural wonder, by 1902, intelligent men and women were gradually coming to understand that here were to be found engineering works and manufacturing industries unrivaled anywhere in the world. An age of great prosperity had arrived.

Because of the large amount of hydroelectric energy available, electro-chemical industries were becoming predominant, and Niagara Falls was rapidly becoming the electrochemical capital of the world. The ever-growing list of unusual products called for a variety of processes necessitating the employment of many types of workers, including laborers, semi-skilled workers, foremen, assistant foremen, process workers, electricians, chemists and technical workers.   

The workforce's in local industries were constantly being increased in numbers by the arrival of immigrants from all over the world. Because of their constant association with the fundamental or key industries which produced materials of essential importance to manufacturers throughout the world, all residents of the Niagara region had a broad view of the world and its needs. 

As we enter this new century, we look back with pride on the accomplishments of the past and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Our members are better trained and better equipped than ever before to compete in the twenty-first century economy. Our industry is safer, with the expectation that our members will enjoy productive careers and healthy and secure retirements.

Niagara seems poised to become a major transportation hub and the tourism and hospitality industry is on the verge of a new era. What won't change is the brotherhood and camaraderie of Ironworkers accomplishing great things through teamwork and perseverance. As always, the tough jobs are routine. The impossible takes a little longer.